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Welcome! Thanks for coming to check out Jamaica Fruit Cake.

My name is Carmen and I was born in a valley in Jamaica, at the foot of the Blue Mountains.  

I come from a big family - Mom, Dad, lots of kids and extended family. Mom made everything from scratch. She sewed kids clothes, made cooking oil from coconuts grown on our property, cocoa from beans from our trees, coffee from berries… you guessed it…. grown and harvested by us from our land. 

Mom had a kitchen garden and so do I today. Mom took me to the market when I was 9 and taught me to shop; a task I soon took over completely for my family when mom couldn’t do it.  Mom cooked and we ate dinner together every day. If someone couldn’t make it to dinner, when they came home, someone would sit and keep them company as they ate. This still happens in my home today. My nieces get prepared when they visit for our unspoken mandatory family meals.

 I learned to love baking as mom baked at home. She made beautiful sweet potato pudding and a wonderful Jamaican Fruit Cake which became mine over the years.   Each batch of cake is made with love and in small batches in a licensed, registered commercial kitchen.

 We are in Northern CT, conveniently located to NY and Boston, to also supply your needs.  We do wedding and special occasion cakes. We make buns at Easter and an occasional potato pudding.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. 860-325-0714 

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